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MedCorp is not for just medical offices but for any business needing services such as computer purchases, network configurations, network services, payroll, office management, invoicing, and even office setup and design of interior.

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MedCorp also offers services such as office management, bookkeeping, practice consultation and payroll services.  MedCorp can even help design and layout your office from ground zero and configure for wiring of network cables.  We can offer complete office management services or customize to suit your needs.  MedCorp can assist you with any area of need for your practice so please contact us today to talk with one of our staff.

We cover Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Leave the billing to Medcorp and be left with a peace of mind

Outsource Your Billing?

  • Increase profitabilty
  • Unpaid claims means your working for free, even a small amount of unpaid claims can amount to big money.
  • Outstanding Services at low cost
  • Our billing professionals put their expertise to use to get your claims paid.
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Aging, claims status, patient demographics, and more

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