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Key Benefits:

PC-ACE Pro32 is a Windows 32-bit comprehensive claims management system.

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Some of the more prominent features include:

  • Combined Medicare Part A, Institutional All-Payer and Professional claims system
  • Electronic submission of claims in ANSI-837 (HIPAA) format
  • Flexible claim import from existing systems: UB92 6.0, NSF 3.01, ANSI-837 or print-image formats
  • Electronic Remittance translation, reports, and data export to accounting systems
  • Comprehensive real-time claims editing minimizes rejected claims
  • Data driven field-level edit validation provides immediate user feedback
  • Automatic code validation (diagnosis, procedure, etc.)
  • Detailed claim import & edit validation error reporting
  • Context-sensitive pop-up selection lists speed claim entry and promotes accuracy
  • Prints Institutional and Professional claim forms on plain paper (with image flash) or on pre-printed forms
  • Maintains claim payment history
  • Unattended scheduling of claims activities
  • Integrated backup, restore and file maintenance functions
  • Familiar Microsoft Windows “look and feel”
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or NT 4.0 Operating Systems
  • Single user and network multi-user versions
  • Comprehensive on-line help system
  • Technical support through direct customer service line and Internet web site
  • Ongoing maintenance, updates and enhancements
  • Web based automatic software upgrades

PC-ACE Pro32 Provider Information

PC-ACE Pro32 is a complete, self-contained electronic claims processing system. It can be used in a stand-alone configuration or in conjunction with your existing claims management system.

PC-ACE Pro32 is the latest generation of our electronic claims processing systems that have been successfully serving the healthcare community for more than a decade. Available in single user or network versions.

PC-ACE Pro32 Institutional Claims Menu

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